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Telephone Bomb Defuse Escape

Telephone Bomb Defuse Escape

About The Game :

GenieFunGames - GFG Telephone Bomb Defuse Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Genie Fun Games. Get ready for the world toughest job. You are a Bomb Squad Specialist. Your task is to defuse a critical bomb. You have already faced a lot of crucial situation to defuse bomb but here its too critical. Don't worry you can find useful stuff to defuse bomb. Are you smart enough to perform this task? Then prove yourself. Will you explore the place to find hidden objects and clues to finish this job.Use and interact with object's, puzzle's, symbol's, clue's solve everything and finally defuse and escape from telephonic bomb defuse. Good luck and have fun!

  Oct 20,2017 11:15:45 AM     Genie, Gfg, Genie fun games, Bomb, Street, City, Point and click, Escape games, New games, 2017 games, Puzzles, Free Online Games, Room Escape Games

Instruction :

Mouse Interaction

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